Bitcoin vs TBC Truth (Chart/Article)

Bitcoin vs TBC Truth (Chart/Article)

Chart Bitcoin vs TBC

Based on the chart alone which one is the better investment—Bitcoin or TBC?  Obviously, TBC, right?  Bitcoin holds the risks of going down in value as you can see within the chart.  Recently Bitcoin has suffered a great loss of value.  Bitcoin is the first decentralized crypto-currency and has completely become “Market-Driven” on its pricing.  While there still is up to a 10% margin of arbitration between the Bitcoin Exchanges worldwide, generally the “Markets” drive the price of Bitcoin up and down.  Let’s be completely honest about the term “Market-Driven.”  On the surface, you would think I’m talking about supply and demand, and that is exactly what the “Smart-Money” wants you to believe.  Another name for the “Smart-Money” is the “Big-Money.”  As long as you believe that “Market-Driven” means the supply and demand of something, then the “Big-Money” can suck you—the average person—into their game so they can suck some money out of you by “Manipulating the Markets.”  This is no different than the largest chip holder in a game of poker running the table.  He can bluff you into throwing away a good hand because his chips overpower you.  This is true with all things that are “Market-Driven” as they say.  You never know what the “Big-Money” is up to, because the same “Big-Money” also “Manipulates the News.”  This is unfair for the average person, they have no idea what is really going on with their investments in a “Market-Driven” investment.  The reality is that the entire global financial system is completely rigged; and by design it keeps the little guy down chasing his tail.  As we become even more technologically advanced and westernized this financial system today creates even more poverty and profits from it.  That’s not just unfair, that is EVIL!  This is a real matter of ‘Life and Death.”

On the other hand, TBC is on a mission to End Poverty globally.  While there is very little difference between the “Blockchain” technology of both TBC and Bitcoin, TBC is not “Market-Driven.”  TBC is the first “Abundance-Based” currency and is a pathfinder of its own as it rolls out globally.  It does not follow the same rules as the other “Market-Driven” Alt-coins.  Instead, the Pricing of TBC is directly linked to the number of its Users/Members.  To become a Member of the TBC community, you have to accept the “Membership Agreement.”  Based on that agreement, it is impossible for the price of TBC to go down.  Study the Pricing Formula here:  So, the average person does not have a pricing risk when it comes to owning TBC.  You do not have to carefully time when you buy-in to TBC or when you sell TBC.  Buy anytime, the price will only go up.  According to the Formula it will go up daily between 1% to 5% until it reaches its Ultimate Price.  The sooner you buy-in, the more TBC coins you will own.  Naturally a new economy will emerge from this, that is based on “Abundance.”  TBC will create more Millionaires and Billionaires than what the rigged economy, we have controlling everything today, creates.   Within a few short years, TBC will create more jobs than people to fill them all; and that will be the End of Poverty!  It’s a remarkably simple solution to Poverty; and it needs to be because with great poverty comes great ignorance.  It’s near impossible to teach an ignorant person how to participate in the “Markets,” but a poor ignorant person can understand something that only goes up in value.  Plus, they can buy-in with pocket change.  At this stage, even the purchase of one penny of TBC can make you wealthy over time.  A penny can be collected, and TBC can be instantly delivered.

So, now that TBC is more valuable than Bitcoin, does it make more sense (or cents) to buy the first “Crypto-Currency” or the first “Abundance-Based” currency?  That choice is yours to make; but the TBC community is determined to find a Billion people to join it, this year; and fulfill its mission to End Poverty globally.  If you are not already a part of the “Big-Money” club, you should seriously consider joining us to make this a better world for ALL!  This is a matter of “Life and Death.”

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