The Price of Success in TBC is So Low! (Poster/Video/Article)

The Price of Success in TBC is So Low! (Poster/Video/Article)

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Everyone wants to be a Millionaire, but most won’t do what it takes to become one.  TBC has made it so simple to become a Millionaire and the price of success in TBC is so low that anyone can do it.  Very soon you will be able to cash in TBC in any major fiat currency and it will be easy.

How do you become a Millionaire in TBC?  Simple!  Just accept the FREE 100,000 Kringle offer before the timer goes to zero and becoming a Millionaire is automatic as the value of TBC coins appreciates to their Ultimate Value in about a year.Timer

TBC is the most valuable currency in the world today, and soon the value of our TBC coins will be unchallenged once we complete our side of the deal with a major fiat currency exchange.  We will be the first crypto-currency allowed on that exchange (not a trading platform) because of our grand mission and that we have not exposed ourselves to the wild volatility that comes from the crypto-currency trading markets.  Like I’ve said before, Admin has many wonderful surprises in store for all of you in the TBC community; so always pay attention!

In a couple more days we will Officially Launch Kringle Cash which has been in Pre-launch for about a month now.  So far we have given away 141,254 gifts of 100,000 Kringles.  This wonderful gift from Kris Kringle will automatically turn all of its recipients into Millionaires in about a year.

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But it gets even better!  Once you receive this amazing gift, you will gain access to a back office that allows you to take full advantage of the TBC opportunity.  Even if you are brand new to TBC you can make money on day one to help you pay the bills, you have now in life.  This is profitable!

Work Today Get Paid Today

You would be so foolish if you didn’t take the time to get properly trained to share the Kringle Cash promotion.  Watch every video and do as each of them instructs you to do.  The way to make money today, and every day is so simple even a Monkey could do it!  So just do it!  We want to distribute a billion gifts before that timer runs to zero.

Kringle Cash is meant to develop into a new social media platform that is private, unlike Facebook.  Within it we will be able to do some amazing things once we have brought in a Billion people from all over the world.  There will always be some kind of cash contest or giveaway ongoing!

Thousands of you have already used up your 30 day trail period and need to pay now to continue to have access to your back office.

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Let me explain the facts of life to you.  Free isn’t free, somebody has to pay.  So far Admin has paid for everything you all have enjoyed.  Membership is free and that gives you access to all of our information websites like

Up till now, Admin has allowed access to the wallets, block-chain-explorer, and trading platform free of charge. It costs a lot of money to keep these services up and running smoothly.  To date we have done a total of 1,118,366 TBC transactions, and recently we doubled our servers to keep up with the high traffic on the TBC coin network.  Behind the scenes we have multiple programming teams building all sorts of things for you.  You have seen daily improvements in all of our websites and services.  Our current operational budget is $30,000.00 a month and we max it out monthly.  We are debt free; we did not go to venture capitalists for funding.  TBC from day one has been self-funding!  I expect exponential growth for the next couple of months.  Collectively, your tiny fee to access your Kringle Cash back office will support that exponential growth by design.  Don’t hesitate in completing that payment!  In fact, everybody wins if you take advantage of the discount by paying for a year upfront.

Keep this in mind, sustainability requires that more is contributed, than what is given out.  In other words, if you have more takers than givers it won’t last!  Taking advantage of our FREE offer and then doing nothing to contribute is not sustainable.  We ask for so little, yet we have given so much.  Be smart and spread the giving spirit around.



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