Misuse of Powerful Tools can have Unforeseen Consequences (Video/Poster/Article)

Misuse of Powerful Tools can have Unforeseen Consequences (Video/Poster/Article)

I kept waiting for the guy to cut off his thumb, but thank goodness that didn’t happen.  But he did mess up the tool he was using, and that is bad enough to make the point here.  TBC today is an “Empowerment Tool” during its Distribution Phase.  Many have misused it as well.  Misusing TBC is just as gross and foolish looking as what this guy did using the wrong tool on a Turkey.

There are a number of things we have seen members do that would fall into the category of misuse.  Let’s look at a few of these things and hopefully educate enough members to not misuse TBC.

Lately we have seen a number of so called TBC Exchanges and this is a concern.  People, we are not a “Market-Based-Coin,” and we don’t want to be one either, by design.  “Market-Based-Coins” will all end up getting heavily regulated by governments because they play on the Elites turf–the government regulated market exchanges.  “Market-Based-Coins” will never have the means to End Poverty globally.  YOU can’t have it both ways in TBC, it’s a matter of jurisdiction and we are clearly PRIVATE and Self-Regulated.  Some members out of an unnecessary sense of desperation fall for one TBC Exchange Scam after another, and then want to blame someone else for their foolishness.  Isn’t it interesting that most of these TBC Exchanges are unwilling to present their owners on video?  Exchanges are a government regulated enterprise and full disclosure of their owners is required by law!  People YOU need to be smarter than the scammers, I have said this many times in this blog!

Discounting TBC or Kringle coins is also a way some members have misused our medium of exchange.  By mutual agreement all members have accepted that all transactions need to be done at the Current Price stated on our websites which moves according to the Formula:  https://thebillioncoin.info/tbc_formula.php When YOU discount TBC YOU affect the whole TBC community in many negative ways. Long ago, we had to write code to allow Admin the ability to turn off Send buttons in order to fix the discounting problem. Both the Sender and Receivers will get their Send buttons turned off if they are caught discounting our coins. All transactions over 400 (gr) need to be reviewed by the TBC Commissioner by email to prove that an equal value was exchanged or else YOUR Send button will be turned off. If YOU do more than 2,000 (gr) within a 24 hour time-frame the same is also true. YOU must show evidence that YOU are about to do a transaction greater than 40,000 (gr) to the TBC Commissioner by email before doing the transaction and get approval or else YOUR Send button will be turned off immediately if YOU do the transaction first.  This disclosure is covered every week in the Send Button Meetings.  We have effectively ended TBC Discounting by this means and can move forward towards fulfilling our Mission with confidence.

Some members expect to find a magic cash out button in TBC and behave badly in public when they are told that button doesn’t exist in TBC.  Cookie Rewards allows Admin to move millions of (gr) to the wallets of members and most of them have only exchanged about 40 (gr) and completed a few simple tasks.  Yet, some believe in the magic cash out button that will convert all of those millions into some other form of money.  We are in the Distribution Phase, in fact the early part of it, and we have provided a Fast Start system to use to Cash Flow.  This Cash Flow is generally done at about 40 (gr) per transaction as the member brings in new members.  A magic cash out button would not bring in new members, and the scammers are feeding off the foolish members that believe in a magic button.  It’s a crying shame!  The whole point of the TBC Distribution Phase is to create mass adoption and set up an economy based on the principle of Abundance and in turn fulfill our Mission to End Poverty globally.  Why would YOU want to BREAK THAT?????


Anything that is out of alignment with what I, as the creator of TBC, have established as proper and good and have provided the education to do it could fall into the misuse category.  If you can’t find it here in this blog, then best YOU don’t do it.  Some scams do provide short-term results, but at the expense of hurting the whole TBC community in the long run.  When YOU are in proper alignment with TBC it should be able to meet ALL OF YOUR SHORT TERM NEEDS in exchange for your efforts in expanding the TBC community.  Effortless magic cash out buttons don’t exist in TBC.  Cash Out buttons are attached to “Market-Based-Coins” that also carry the RISK of loss of money, while large short-term gains are as rare as a four-leaf-clover.  Many of us in TBC consider  “Market-Based-Coins” a form of gambling, and most of YOU can’t afford to gamble.  The choice is YOURS, YOU can do both by trading  “Market-Based-Coins” while YOU also participate within the Distribution Phase of TBC.  Just don’t expect TBC to become a  “Market-Based-Coin;” I assure YOU, that will never happen.

If YOU truly want to meet YOUR short term needs using TBC properly, embrace the activity of INVITING!  This One Activity, of inviting others to receive the gift, when done properly, can lead to generous cash flow.  Proof of this is all over the place!  Set aside whatever is holding YOU back from doing this One Activity on a daily and consistent basis, and then you will see some real MAGIC happen in YOUR life.  Not only will this One Activity take care of all of your Short Term Needs, it will provide YOU the wealth to live in abundance in the Long Term and establish a legacy for all of YOUR posterity.  TBC WILL CHANGE THE WORLD FOR THE BETTER FOR ALL!

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